Elphinstone Haulmax truck arrived in Suriname

Elphinstone Haulmax truck arrived in Suriname

30 May 2019
Elphinstone Haulmax truck arrived in Suriname

The first two Elphinstone trucks have arrived. The trucks were parked at the Slangenhoutstraat for one day. On Friday, May 17, 2019, these special trucks were transported to NFS where the trucks were prepared for the Rosebel operations.

Freek Bilkerdijk is very relieved with the arrival of the trucks. Six more trucks are expected to arrive this year. "Most likely, if everything is right, a ninth truck might be added," he explains. In the future, this truck will probably also be a solution for Newmont.

During the transport, the bystanders were amazed. On arrival, a number of colleagues took photos of the truck. "The tires are large and higher than us," Arantis Forster commented. It was joked with Francesca Kasanmoenadi: “This truck cannot hit you. He just drives over you. "

History has been written with the arrival of these trucks. When all eight or nine trucks have arrived, it will immediately be the largest fleet of Elphinstone Haulmax trucks in the Caribbean.

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